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Interviewing the greek filth scene with "Brutality Over Sanity" Deathfest.

Our blog's filthy snitches recently informed us of a huge, double terrorist attack, that is taking place here in Greece on late May. The damn terrorists possess nuclear weaponry and are ready to strike both north and south regions of the country, just so nobody ever whines about not getting fucked up enough by the radioactive waves. The double assault is code-named "BRUTALITY OVER SANITY III" and the rutheless pyrotechnician-kamikaze terrorist Chris, has the floor! 

P.F. It's you fag, isn't it? You are one of those terrorist scum, who violate the Spring and rape the girlie smiles all over Greece's shiny beaches, am I right?!

Yes I am, fuck me, ha ha ha ha!!! I tried to hide but your team dug me out for good. What can I say?! I'm one of those bastards, who enjoy loads of entrails on the spin, even if it's Spring!

P.F. It looks like this year it's going to be your 3rd strike. A bold thing to do by all means! Tell us who your partners in crime are and when did you come up with the deathfest idea. Also speak the truth about all parastatal connections you have; I can't think of any other reason on how you avoid getting locked up in a wet dungeon for three years in a row...

It all started back in 2011 by me and John (my band-mate in Mallediction). Since we got a decent feedback, we decided to continue and establish it. This year another dude joined the team, Steve. He lives in the UK and he's the guy behind Infected Brain Promotions! I strongly believe the fact that all three of us are awesome lover-boys and way too good with chicks (the Greek way of course: all-hairy chest, speedo swimsuit with a small hole in the back for ventilation purpose, sandals and half-cut fingernails), is what allows us to act the way we want, untouched! He he he! 

P.F. "Brutality Over Sanity" – a truly lame name! How did you come up with it?

The deathfest's godfather is a dude very well known for his seriousness and his overall coherence as a person. It's Mr. John Nakos from the brutal deathsters Mortal Torment (it's the damn vocalist). No more left to say I guess...oh, yeah! He also did the posterwork on all three of them, for free! Not bad at all right...? Free stuff rules!

P.F. Those nauseous bands you've summoned, (they're accused of synergy in crime and criminal attempt) are all too fucking brutal! Are you racist against mainstream stuff? Do you detest all those clean-singing geeks? Do you despise pure heavy metal? And what about me and my little tiny polka band? Am I free to come up on stage and play, or what?

You and your little tiny polka band can freely scatter yourselves around the club and give away marsh-mellows and peanuts to the crowd. Beyond that, I got to say that there will be well-trained snipers on every corner, and they will shoot straight in the face anybody who tries to climb on stage and play anything other than death metal...ha ha ha ha!!! Well, what can I say man, that's the stuff we dig the most and we feel very lucky that we make something out of it, even if it's less than what we put in the first place. Therefore, since we do it because we fucking dig it, we might as well play the music we like to listen to, right?!

P.F. Haaaaaaaa ha ha!!!! Marsh-mellows and peanuts you dog??!!! OK I'll try to behave myself and continue; So as you mentioned, you play in a couple of brutal death metal bands that suck ass! Therefore one can easily say you're a burnt out, die-hard brutal fan but besides that, you'd love to see much more people becoming like you, since you're a deathfest organizer. Tell me now, what does brutal death metal/grindcore really mean to you?

Damn it , it’s really the only music I'm interested in since junior high...on its most serious , and its most hilarious aspects. It's music that's extreme, aggressive and fast and it does not tolerate any dress-code, propriety or rightness, or even snobs, geeks, damn virtue or prayer!! Isn't it awesome?! And there's another thing too; It's the best workout ever, if you want to burn some calories! You stuffed yourself with asparagus and cuttlefish? That steak was way too big for you? Shove some Nasum in your player and get fit in 25 minutes!!! 

P.F. You just won a lollipop prize! Despite that, can BDM/Grincore, considered as a subculture, mold minds and give an outlet to an existing social dead end? This answer will determine whether you skip the wet dungeon or not, so prepare yourself...

Oh-oh! OK look, a sure thing is that if Greeks listened to brutal death metal/grindcore, 300 congressmen would be hanging at our capitals central square already, bowels out. No bullshit though, there are wankers out there, who somehow fucking ended up littering the scene! On the other hand, I happen to socialize with various people inside and outside the scene, and I must admit that the scene shows large intellectual quality. Some of the most healthy points of view I've ever heard are coming from inside the scene and I'm more than glad to declare that...we fucking rule man! Ha ha ha!!! So to be crystal clear...yes, I believe in long term this music can mold minds too, all things considered!

P.F. Right, but if brutality can function in a positive way, why most people act like a fucking flock of sheep and dig commercial crap? A Justin Bieber abortion-song is more socially useful than a Devourment song for instance?

People are confused man...if everybody did the job they were meant to do, every single one of us would be happy! Take Bieber for instance…the boy was good at sucking horse cock…why the fuck would he mess with singing?...you know what I mean?? Crappy little shits like Bieber and other bitches like him get most of the people confused. After that how can someone truly appreciate the majesty and simplicity of Devourment? 

P.F. Let's get back to the terrorist attack; Some punks from abroad are coming this year and they are Germans too! How did that happen and what the fuck did you promise them in order to come and play in this shit hole?

We're in touch with the guys from Defeated Sanity for quite some time now and last year we exchanged messages of mutual lust and unselfish love. It wasn't that hard to persuade them, we promised them a gangbang party right after the end of the festival and enormous amounts of cam-sex for three months after their departure! 

P.F. Hold it man, aren't you afraid of the Greeks trying to lynch those Germans at all? What if the airport is attacked by molotov suicide-bombers and a whole revolution or the planet's destruction gets triggered?

I don't think so man, those guys are cool and that's a fact! Not a chance...for fuck’s sake though, while we take them from the airport to the club, we're gonna dress them up with t-shirts holding Greek-friendly slogans like: "I love tzatziki / Skordalia for the win"... you know... "Who the fuck is Merkel"... "Why Angela,why???!!!"...and cool stuff like that! He he he he!

P.F. Ha ha ha I'll be your humble servant for life if you do that!!! Though you managed to bring some foreigners this year, the main acts of the fest's line up are Greeks. Why don't you bring more bands from abroad? After all, they' re cooler players, am I wrong (intriguing question)?!

(and here comes the asshole with the fake answer) No man, greek bands are 100% equal with the bands from abroad...ha ha ha!!! OK seriously now...I'm 100% certain that the local scene possesses various wild thugs that can not be found anywhere else! We're talking about class here! Despite that, our intention for this year was to bring three bands from abroad, but - Jupiter's cock! - that couldn't happen (economic crisis, last-minute cancellations etc), that's why we ended up bringing only one. If it goes well this year, then next time we'll try to bring more! Our aim sometime is to add equal number of local and foreign bands to the line up! 

P.F. Eventually, what do you say? Are you going to make enough money out of the whole thing, to be able to pay 2-3 electricity bills in a row, or what? Don't tell me you're a romantic, fragile being, who deep down, does everything for fun only...are you now? 

Why are you saying this man? 2 years ago, I earned enough money to fill my car's tank with a-class gas, and last year I even had money to buy stucco to repair some cracks at my house, besides gas...we're talking crazy money here dude! Ha ha ha!!! Seriously now, I don't think anyone who wants to make real money should get involved with death metal and anything related in general. This year we just hope to earn enough money to cover the fest's expenses. If it goes even better, then we're gonna keep the extra money and spend it on the next B.O.S. Deathfest in 2014! It’s all about fun bro..! For our own entertainment and for those who attend! Fuck all the rest! 

P.F. You may add whatever you like for the end, until I find the anti-terrorist agency's number and turn you in, unmercifully...

First I wanna thank your ass for this shity, so-called interview! I've despised you before, but now I'm way beyond that, ha ha ha!!! Thanks in advance to all people who might attend and for those who still think about it, I'll just say that by paying a ticket of 8euros, they'll experience on stage 10 excellent local bands and a foreign one on its carrier peak...not bad at all, I'd say! Thanks a bunch man...sick stuff for the win...see you in 25-26 May!

P.F. Thank you Chris, the P.F. Team always enjoys chatting with awesome lover-boy-terrorists! Good luck to the B.O.S. Deathfest! We'll be meeting each other over there! 


Gerasimos V.

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